Welcome to the new and improved Leone Murray LLP website

April 25, 2024

After months of research and work, we’re very proud to debut the new Leone Murray LLP website.

Our firm takes pride in not only providing effective personal injury law representation, but collaborating closely with our clients, listening to their needs and working to exceed their service expectations. We applied that same approach when we set out to reinvigorate our brand and website. Put simply, we asked for feedback on ways that we could make our firm’s communications more attentive to their needs—addressing their legal challenges, delivering the information they need to rebuild their lives after a major personal injury and highlighting the tools we can use to help them obtain life-changing compensation.

Most importantly, we wanted to underscore that our brand is built on expertise, experience, compassion and communication. Our refreshed look and feel is intended to deliver peace of mind to our clients, helping them understand that we’ll do whatever it takes to represent their best legal interests.

With that in mind, we rebuilt our website to enhance the user experience and simplify navigation. The goal: helping our clients and their loved ones easily locate the essential information and insights they need in the days and weeks after a major personal injury. We’ve added new sections outlining how we help our clients build stories—collecting their personal information, the details of the incident that led to their personal injury, understanding their insurance coverage, compensation expectations and much more—to better represent them in post-injury negotiations or if their case goes to trial. We also feature our team members more prominently, so clients can learn about the legal professionals that will be working on their behalf.

Our new blog not only features Leone Murray LLP case studies and success stories, but in the coming months will be populated with a range of articles designed to help our clients understand their rights and make the best decisions for their circumstances after an accident. We’ll be sharing that information across social media channels including LinkedIn. We’ll also use the blog to highlight our contributions to the many communities across Southern and Central Ontario that we serve.

The aim is to provide the support our clients need to make a full post-injury recovery. And we’re just getting started. Stay tuned for regular updates to our website and social media channels, coming soon.

The Leone Murray LLP team

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