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If your insurance claim has been denied, contact an insurance dispute lawyer to weigh all your options. Recovering insurance benefits often goes smoothly for many people; however, insurance disputes can happen.

If you have an insurance claim that should be paid out according to the insurance policy agreement, but your insurer denies your claim or has managed your claim unfairly, you now have an insurance claim dispute. When an insurance company and a policyholder cannot agree on the terms of a settlement, an insurance dispute occurs. The insurance company may reject the claim, provide less than the claimant feels they are entitled to, or postpone payment without providing them with a substantial reason.

If you are a victim of an insurance dispute within Ontario, you can file a bad faith claim. To file a bad faith claim, you will need evidence of your insurance company violating the policy terms and their responsibility to act in good faith when dealing with your insurance claim.

Disputes over claims can vary in nature. Examples may include: you and your insurer may argue over medical expenses; property damage; house repairs; what work needs to be done; how much it will cost; and whether your claim is paid in full or in part.

Insurance companies can face significant penalties if they choose to wrongfully deny insurance coverage or, similarly, fail to act in good faith toward their clients.

Insurance coverage is an expensive and necessary part of life in Ontario. If your insurer is not paying your benefits call the lawyers at Leone Murray LLP.

Leone Murray LLP has extensive trial experience with insurance coverage disputes. We would be pleased to assist you in circumstances where your insurance company has wrongfully denied you coverage or inappropriately denied your claim.

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