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Individuals who cannot work due to an illness, or a physical or mental handicap are eligible for disability benefits, a type of income replacement. Many employers’ group insurance plans cover disability benefits. If your claim has been denied, contact a disability insurance claims lawyer to weigh and make an informed decision.

Disability insurance can be advantageous if you are unable to work due to a physical condition such as an injury or illness; such payments provide financial security in a time of uncertainty and hardship for you and your family. Disability benefits are a form of supplemental income which can be used to help cover the costs of everyday living, including bills, medical treatment and rehabilitation expenses.

Insurers ask questions and request documentation to determine your eligibility for benefits. They may include:

  • Is your injury work-related?
  • When did your symptoms begin?
  • Are there any other factors contributing to your inability to work?
  • Is there evidence of a pre-existing injury or medical condition?
  • Are you still able to work at all? What are the limitations and restrictions, and why?
  • Is your acquired disability temporary or permanent?
  • Have you been given a treatment plan?
  • When are you expected to return to work, and will your position be modified?

In a distressing time, let our lawyers at Leone Murray LLP help you recover the compensation that you deserve. We are dedicated to representing injured people and their loved ones. Our lawyers are committed to recovering full compensation for our clients for their losses. We have helped injured people and their family members recover the compensation they deserve. Let us help you. Contact us today to arrange for a free, no-obligation case assessment with a disability insurance claims lawyer.

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