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Civil litigation disputes for corporate / commercial clients, small business enterprises and individuals.

Civil Litigation Lawyers in Southampton, ON

Our team of lawyers can offer the benefit of many years of experience defending and pursuing a wide variety of civil litigation disputes for large corporate/commercial clients, small business enterprises and individuals. We continue to act as preferred counsel in Ontario for self-insured corporations. With years of experience defending large institutional companies, our lawyers are well positioned to both defend and advance claims on behalf of our commercial and individual clients.

Civil Litigation Lawyers


Product Liability


Our lawyers have a broad range of experience representing a diverse client base of manufacturers, designers, distributors, retailers and suppliers against product liability claims. This includes continuing to act as the preferred Ontario litigation counsel for a large international manufacturer.

Product liability claims require attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of a client's product design and manufacturing process. Our lawyers take the time needed to understand the scientific and technical evidence to successfully defend clients involved in complex product liability cases.


Occupier's Liability


Owners of businesses and many spaces open to the public have a responsibility to take reasonable steps to keep those properties safe. Our lawyers have litigated occupiers' liability claims in a wide variety of personal injury cases arising from slip and trip and falls, as well as injuries arising from common and uncommon hazards such as icy/snowy parking lots, broken stairs/railings and the maintenance of recreational trails. They also have extensive experience litigating claims involving waivers of liability through their work with a number of conservation authority and ski resort clients.


Vehicle / Commercial / Personal Property Damage


Our lawyers have extensive experience representing a number of large corporations in a wide variety of claims arising from motor vehicle accidents. They have the experience to help clients assess and manage the risks associated with claims in a cost-effective manner and also have the advocacy skills necessary to successfully take cases to trial.

Our lawyers have successfully litigated claims involving complex injuries and unique liability situations in both jury and non-jury settings. They have the skills necessary to effectively advocate their client's position and have the credibility within the personal injury bar that comes from acting successfully at trial for both plaintiffs and defendants in motor vehicle accident cases.


Recreational Liability


Our lawyers are all active participants in a number of recreational activities ranging from snowboarding and skiing to cycling, hiking, and playing hockey (to name just a few). It is no surprise, then, that they have a keen interest and expertise in litigation arising from recreational activities. Our lawyers have liti-gated personal injury claims on behalf of and against a wide variety of recreational facilities, sporting associations and conservation authorities. They also have extensive experience litigating claims where a waiver of liability is involved.


General Commercial Liability & Property Damage


Our lawyers have acted as trusted counsel to a number of large companies for a wide variety of property and fire loss claims. They also have extensive construction industry claims experience having handled complex issues involving contractors, subcontractors and material providers. Our lawyers have litigated numerous errors and omissions claims made against architects, engineers and construction contractors.

They have an extensive expert referral network which allows them to provide advice on a wide variety of cases where property damage has occurred. The firm's lawyers provide advice at all stages of claims processing and dispute resolution, including advocacy in complex litigation. Our lawyers are known for providing clients with objective evidence-based advice in a cost-effective manner that is always focused on advancing their objectives.


Insurance Coverage Disputes


Insurance policies are supposed to be there when you need it most. Having coverage denied by your insurance company can have devastating financial consequences for businesses and individuals alike. Determining whether a claim is covered by an insurance policy or excluded from coverage is a complex question. Our lawyers use their extensive experience to provide advice to our clients who have been denied coverage on all matters of insurance ranging from motor vehicle, commercial general liability, homeowners, business interruption and professional liability. Motions to determine coverage disputes are highly technical and require an analysis of the policy, facts and the law. Our lawyers have successfully litigated a number of coverage disputes and have the necessary skills to help clients pursue claims where coverage has been improperly denied to them under a contract of insurance.


Contract Disputes


Contracts are at the heart of all business transactions. Unfortunately, the non-performance of a contractual obligation by one party often leads to litigation. Our lawyers regularly deal with issues of contractual interpretation and non-performance issues. They have the expertise required to achieve cost-effective results for clients involved in contractual disputes, whether it be at the initial stages of the contractual dispute or at the litigation stage.


Appellate Work


All lawyers at Leone Murray have represented clients in a variety of appellate matters before the Ontario Court of Appeal and Divisional Court. Our lawyers have the experience to identify the key issues appeal courts are looking for as they review lower court decisions, and have the advocacy skills necessary to properly advance a client's position before all levels of appeal courts.

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